Democracy Is About More Than Just a Vote

    Practicing democracy is really easier than you think.

    Sekadar Cita-Cita: Why Youth Unemployment Is A Problem

    We all have big dreams, but can we actually make them a reality?

    Raising the minimum age of marriage in Malaysia

    State legislative amendments in Kedah a step in the right direction, but exceptions still allowed

    “The Birds & The Bees” is Exactly Why We Need Sex Ed In Schools

    Going digital to convey sexual reproductive health information to young people

    6 things you need to know about Child Labour

    World Day Against Child Labour | #EndChildLabour

    Inclusive play: a driver for change on #ZEROdiscrimination Day (and every other day!)

    We all can learn patience, kindness, and empathy by playing together as equals. 💙

    5 Life Lessons I Learnt from COVID-19

    After two years living through the pandemic, I’ve learnt some interesting things about living in a society facing a pandemic.

    Alamak! My parents are vaccine hesitant, what do I do?

    How you can keep yourself (and your family) safe, even if your parents don’t believe in vaccination.

    What’s a COVID-19 Booster Shot, and do I need it?

    “Aduhmakkk, kena tambah lagi satu jab pulak dah”! Eh don’t worry worry geng, Booster Shot ni elok tau untuk kita!

    Living with COVID-19 … so what’s the new normal?

    Shopping, dining out, travelling ... remaining vigilant is key to living with COVID-19. Remember, complacency kills!
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