Let kids be kids. We must End Child Marriage!

    Whether it happens to a girl or boy, child marriage is a violation of children’s rights.

    How Violence Against Girls Became A Thing

    If boys will be boys, why can’t girls be girls?

    Reimagine a greener planet. Young people for Climate Action

    Pandemic or not, it’s up to all of us to save our planet

    How to Talk to Your Racist Relatives about Racism

    Okay, ma, pa, aunty, uncle, ya’ll can’t say that anymore.

    Urban Poverty: What It’s Like to be Poor in a Pandemic

    Not everyone saw the MCO as “a much-needed break”.

    #BijakOnline Teen Video Contest

    Share your tips to stay safe online and stand a chance to win a RM200 voucher!

    5 Things I’ve Learnt From (Almost) Losing A Friendship

    Friend break-ups are the worst. 0/10. Would not recommend.

    5 Ways We Can Beat Air Pollution

    Is it the smell of freedom or smell of pollution?

    Youth in Malaysia Reimagine their Future

    Jom bayangkan the world post-COVID-19 #notgoingback 💙

    It’s 2020 and modern slavery still exists in Malaysia

    If you thought it was a thing of the past, I’ve got bad news for ya.
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