5 crazy things you may have heard about Vaccines

We’re here to set the record straight!

We have in our hands one of the greatest tools in the history of human health. Yet, there’s lots of hot air circulating about vaccines. So we’re here to set the record straight.

1. Vaccines are toxic.

No, they’re NOT! Vaccines are actually very safe, and have saved countless millions of lives. If vaccines betul-betul contained harmful doses of chemicals, public health organizations would not support them, doctors wouldn’t give them to out, and drug companies wouldn’t sell them. Simple as that lah!

2. Vaccines are unnatural.


Because vaccines don’t grow from trees, they’re bad, right? Wrong! You know what else is natural? Smallpox, polio and the bubonic plague. Yep!

3. It’s a personal decision.

Just like it’s a personal decision to cover your mouth when you cough on a crowded bus, or call an ambulance when your neighbour’s house is on fire, right? The bottom line is this – we are all interconnected in this big, messy global community of germ-sharers. When one of us isn’t immunized, then our communities are at greater risk of potentially deadly diseases.

4. Vaccine supporters are owned by big pharma!?

This nifty little ad hominem attack is just a clever way to put public health supporters on the defensive without providing any evidence. Ya lah, nice try. But so over the top salah. And besides, wouldn’t companies make more money treating sick people than preventing people from getting sick? Think about it!

5. Vaccines cause autism.

A million times NO! Multiple studies – including a review of 12,000 peer-reviewed scientific articles – have debunked this claim.

The science is clear. Doctors everywhere agree that vaccines are safe, effective and life-saving. Thanks to vaccines, many of us have been fortunate to grow up without seeing family or friends fall sick with measles or polio.

While most parents do choose to vaccinate their kids, myths and misinformation have sewn doubts in the minds of some families. Now, #COVID19 is confronting us all with an outbreak in our streets, subways and communities. Let’s learn from this crisis. We may not have a vaccine for coronavirus yet, but we do for other serious diseases like measles and polio.

Remember : When we choose to vaccinate, we’re not just protecting ourselves and our families – we’re doing our part for a safer community and a healthier future for all.


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Adapted from UNICEF’s article on Buzzfeed – “10 Outrageous Things You May Have Heard About Vaccines

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