“I object to violence because when it appears to do good,
the good is only temporary; the evil it does is permanent.”

– Mahatma Gandhi


A Life Free from Violence

A life free from violence is a basic human right for every child, woman and man.
All children, regardless of gender, race, religion or disability, deserve to grow up in
a safe, loving, peaceful, and nurturing environment. Children who live free from
physical, mental and emotional abuse can grow, learn, develop and achieve their
full potential. This is the foundation of stable and progressive societies.

The Problem

Violence against children and youth take many forms: abuse and neglect,
corporal punishment, bullying, cyber-bullying, sexual abuse and
, trafficking, child labour, gang violence, armed violence and
child marriage. Violence robs a child of their dignity; and can also leave children,
their families and society with invisible scars that last lifetimes.

On average, 9 child abuse cases were reported in Malaysia
every day in 2011.


Change starts with YOUth

Young people are amongst the bravest in any society. Around the world, young
women and men, just like you, are speaking out and taking action on issues of
violence against children in their communities. You too can help shine a light on
violence – speak up on violence no matter where it occurs; challenge social norms
that harm children; and help to promote positive behaviours towards children.