Jom Jadi #VaksinNation

Macam mana nak sapot #VaksinNation? Senang je, semua dihujung jari dalam media sosial!

Eh, apa maksud nak jadi #VaksinNation ni?

With heartbreaking numbers announced everyday, camne tak rasa gelisah? Lagi-lagi there are dangerous conversations going around like, “Vaksin tu bahaya” or “Buat apa nak vaksin?” Ngl, we’ve been through a doozy of a year… Sape sangka dah lebih setahun kurung kat rumah doh!

But we can’t give up! You and your friends can make a difference! Tapi camne ya? It’s not like we can tell the virus to please kindly see itself out. Tapi jangan risau, we’ve got just the thing!

During this scary time, it’s important to encourage geng-geng, family-family semua dapatkan vaksin. With all the new technological advancements to help us stay connected, this is a great way to do our part to combat this pandemic. Lagipun boleh buat semua terus dari handphone!

So here’s how we’re planning on combating this pandemic online and how you can join the #VaksinNation movement! Baca sampai habis tau?

Apa maksud jadi #VaksinNation?

There’s a lot out there about the pandemic and vaccinations. Susah nak tau info mana yang betul. Kitorang nak cepat2 banteras mitos2 yang sangat bahaya sebelum dia viral. Plus there’s all this talk about mental health and how it’s affecting us who are working or studying from home… Itulah yang kita nak cer ni!

So behind the scenes, we’ve been coming up with an idea. Sedia ke tak?

Join the #VaksinNation campaign!

 Jeng, jeng, jeng! Nak cerita pasal info tentang vaksin, macam mana nak daftar, PPV kat mana nak pergi…Tapi kitorang bukan nak cerita setakat vaksin je, we are also excited to share tips on dealing with mental health issues, how to make studying at home more productive (and fun), and yes, even games to lepaskan rasa geram. Ye la, dah terperuk kat rumah, takkan nak fikir pasal virus je kan?

So basically, we want you and your member-member join in and jadi geng #VaksinNation!

Macam best jer, nak join!

Okay lah but how do you actually participate? “Kitorang nak join geng #VaksinNation jugak!”

Haaaa, here’s how you can be a part of something great:

  • Who said main TikTok tak berfaedah? Make a video or share gambar on Instagram and Tiktok encouraging your friends and family to vaccinate! Lagi ramai, lagi meriah kan? Viralkan benda yang bermanfaat, syok jugak!
  • Cuba share sikit korang punya experiences! From your vaccination appointment to what you’ve been up to at home afterwards, get talking! Kitorang nak jugak tahu aktiviti korang sambil #PDPR and #WorkFromHome ni!
  • Share lah content kami! We even have interviews, quizzes, tips and so much more to help you make the most of staying at home! (Yes, we even have stuffs for geng belia yang tak berapa muda 😝).
  • Ingat ya, lagi satu cara untuk mengatasi pandemik ni adalah info yang sahih! Kitorang juga akan interview frontliners, bro & sis PPV, dan juga #covidfighters and #covidsurvivor yang pernah terkena COVID-19. A pandemic can be beaten when we all come together to share information and experiences.
  • Paliiiiiiiing penting: follow us on social media and use our hashtag #VaksinNation to join! Talk about your experiences or even ask us questions! Lagi viral hashtag ni, lagi bagus! It shows everyone that kita semua care about this matter, and we want to do our part to help everyone around us!

Senang kan nak join geng #VaksinNation? 😉 Takde buat payah-payah, just do what you do online, but with a purpose! Ada jugak orang-orang sinis kat luar tapi kita kena berusaha jugak! Walaupun nampak senang, serious berkesan! When all of us kecoh on social media, we can make the change we wish to see! Jom, bersama kita boleh jadikan Malaysia #VaksinNation!

And before we sign off, lots of love to our friends at AusAID for making this campaign a reality!

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