Kids for Climate Action! We must act to save Mother Earth

Pandemic or not, it’s up to all of us to save our planet

I know Mother’s Day isn’t till next month, but there’s actually another mother we’ve all been neglecting. And getting involved in climate action is exactly what Mother Earth needs from all of us ASAP. Tak kiralah you muda ke, tua, whatever – it’s really up to us all to make sure our Earth stays healthy.

Recently, because kita semua duduk rumah diam diam to fight this pandemic, Mother Earth has actually glowed up big time!

Deers have been seen roaming the streets in India, mountain goats have been walking around a town in Wales, the water in rivers and canals have been running clear, and even the ozone layer is reportedly healing itself. I mean, just look out your window and you’ll see clear blue skies. Air pollution in Malaysia and across the world has drastically reduced thanks to less cars on the road.

Like, I know it started as a meme, but at this rate I totally think it’s possible that dolphins will eventually start swimming in Venice canals if we keep up the good work.

Jokes aside, it shouldn’t take a pandemic for us to start thinking about how humans affect the environment. If we want Mother Earth to continue healing, it’s time all of us started seeing climate change as a human rights and children’s rights issue.


For the longest time, I used to feel like human rights and climate action were too separate things. But recently I’ve realized that they’re both important to one another! I mean, even this year’s theme for World Children’s Day is Climate Action.

Now the reason I’m bringing up climate action also sebab sebelum ni I talked about a healthy future for children. And salah satu criteria yang penting to create this healthy future for us and the next generations is making sure Mother Earth is healthy too.

Every child has the right to grow up in a healthy world – one that isn’t polluted, one that is green and thriving, where fresh air and water are everywhere. We’ll only have a shot at creating our futures if the planet we live in is taken care of.

And really just as much as us young people need Mother Earth, Mother Earth needs us too! We’re the generation that has the power to turn steer climate action back on track.


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And some of us are already doing that! Kids all over the world are speaking up and calling for governments to take climate change seriously. And bukan Greta Thunberg je: these kids in Canada even sued their gomen for the current climate crisis because it violates their rights!


We’re using our voices to protect Mother Earth in the hope that Mother Earth will be there to protect us too. It will take all of us to fix this so dekat sini Tati nak kasi 7 things you can do to make a difference and be a part of climate action instead! Ada idea untuk #dudukrumah juga!

1. Join the #ClimateStrikeOnline

While Coronavirus has pretty much put the world on hold, the cool folks at FridaysforFutures have adapted, taking their Climate Strikes from the streets to online. You can join the #DigitalStrikes also:
Step 1: Take a picture of you holding a climate strike sign.
Step 2: Post your pic online on Insta.
Step 3: Use the hashtag #ClimateStrikeOnline
Step 4: Tag @fridaysforfuture and @fff.digital and they’ll repost your stories.


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2. Tune in to FFF24 Earthweek Livetream – 24 April

FFF24 is a Fridays for Futures virtual event for Earth Week and #ClimateStrikeOnline so we can all #stayhome and be safe.You’ll get a chance to hear the voices of activists, scientists, musicians, and more from around the world. The livestream will be aired on the Fridays For Future Youtube and will be 24 hours long, on Friday 24 April from 12am UTC to 12am UTC. (That’s 8am 24 April to 8am 25 April Malaysian Time).

3. Save Energy & Water

We’re still not super big on renewable energy in Malaysia, so it’s a good idea to maybe not leave your phone to charge overnight or all the time. Simple things such as unplugging your devices when not in use will help conserve energy! Same goes for water – it’s really important we reduce waste if we want to fight climate change.

4. Walk or Cycle

Okay, maybe you can’t do this under the current MCO, but if you’re heading between short distances, you can always choose for a walk or cycle instead of a private car. Get your family to do this too – the less cars we have on the road lagi baik for the environment.

5. Speak Up in School

You’re never too young to speak your mind! Talk to your teachers about Mother Earth Day and get your school student body involved. You’ll be able to create discussion about your school’s role in preventing global warming ‘cause really no school is too cool for climate action! And it’s never too early to start preparing for this year’s World Children’s Day #KidsTakeover!


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6. Get Involved in The Community

Just because you’re a young person, doesn’t mean you can’t get involved in the community! Klima Action Malaysia, or KAMY for short, is a climate action group that organizes climate workshops, talks and more. They take a very active role in fighting the climate crisis locally, through discussions and even petitions. They’re always on the lookout for volunteers and climate warriors to help them protect Mother Earth! It’ll be a great way for you to also meet like-minded friends so all of you can save the world together-gether! #MalaysiaBoleh

7. Keep Learnin’

Okay, I know we’ve heard it a gazillion times but knowledge really is power! So keep refreshing and learning about climate change and climate action. Stay in the know of what’s going on, and you’ll be able create more conversations! Climate change is an ongoing fight, but if all of us keep to it, it’s one we can win!

Mother Earth has been there for us, providing us with food, shelter and a home. If we want a bright future for all of us and the generations to come, we need climate action to be more than just an environmental issue – it impacts all of us, children and young people included.

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