Safer Internet Together-gether

“With great broadband, comes great responsibility.”

Real talk: when I think of the internet, I think of YouTube, IG and Vine (RIP). Like, yes, of course it’s also where I go to catch up on what’s happening ‘round the world and learn stuff, but, sis, I’m mainly on the internet for fun. And cat videos, like this one.


Like it really doesn’t get much better than this. But as great as the internet is at bringing joy, it can also cause serious damage. And I’ll admit lah – I don’t actually think about safety when I’m online. And that’s actually terrible ‘cause we’ve all heard horror stories about Cyberbullying. Scams. Abuse. Macam-macam.

So like it or not, we all actually have a major part to play in keeping the internet a safe space, for me and you and all our cats. So let’s get to it saudara-saudari sekalian.


1Pikir baik-baik before posting personal info.

Putting up your home address, email address or phone number is never a good idea. Also a thought – maybe don’t tag the exact location of your home ‘cause that’s just about as good as an address. Keeping sensitive info like this and your MyKad number or bank account details is like rule number 1 when it comes to creating a safer internet.


2Do the same for photos.

Like yes, we’re all about that IG aesthetic butttttttt just remember that the internet is forever, and people can download your photos and keep receipts; and being blackmailed is really no fun. So jangan ambil remeh your safety k?


3Chatrooms are great but don’t trust just anyone.

You can totally be yourself on the internet which is great but people can also pretend to be literally anyone. So jangan percaya terus or trust them with private information before you know fo’ sho’ that they’re who they say they are.


4Educate yourself about scams and hoaxes.

You gotta applaud scammers for having variety lah: viruses, spyware, bots, Trojan horses, phishing– serious berlambak jenis scam. And the more you know about them, the easier it is to spot ‘em so that you tak kena con. FYI: Loads of these are in random attachments and links on dodgy websites or weird emails so maybe don’t click on stuff if you don’t know who is sending them.


5Respond instead of react (AKA jangan main belasah je)

Here’s the truth: not everyone gets along and not everyone has the same opinions. And yes, sometimes debate gets super intense. But it’s really important to always stay calm and be respectful. Sabar itu separuh daripada iman you know. So, next time, take a breath before you say/type something you might regret ‘cause you legit cannot take it back once it’s out there.


6Report Cyberbullying, Abuse, Harassment, Scams.

Okay, I know I said respond and don’t react but please react ASAP if you see something disturbing – anything violent, unsafe or that might be causing harm should be reported immediately on social media. And if it’s directed at you, it’s a good idea to turn off the computer and bring it up with someone you trust – an adult like your parent or a teacher, whoever.


7Think about What You’re Sharing

In the era of #fakenews, it’s really important to share stuff online responsibly. Like, cat videos are great, but if it’s something that’s potentially hurtful or misleading, you might wanna ask yourself why you’re sharing it in the first place. What might be innocent to you, might not be that way in the bigger picture.

This is a real TL;DR version of what we can do to stay safe and keep the internet clean.
You can always check out the Safer Internet Day website if you wanna found out more about it and how you can play a bigger part.

The internet is a magical place but it’ll only stay that way if we all do our bit!

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