Say NO to child labour

World Day Against Child Labour | #NOChildLabour

Child labour interferes with children’s education, and kills a childhood. Companies and businesses can contribute to the elimination of child labour, including in all business activities and business relationship.

1 Today, 152 million children are child labourers.

Millions of children aged 5-17 are trapped in child labour, waking up each day to hours of back-breaking work. 73 million children are working in hazardous jobs – toiling in construction sites, plantations, mines, factories, restaurants and as domestic workers.


2Children are kept from school.

Forced to work for up to 18 hours a day, 7 days a week, child labourers miss out on an education and a bright future. Instead they are left with crippling injuries and other health problems.


3Children employed by a business are often invisible.

Child labourers include children working illicitly in the supply chain, hidden from the eyes of society. Exploited and used, they are condemned to a life of poverty and want.


4Child labourers end up in a cruel twist of fate.

Without an education and with crippling injury, children are less likely to find employment in adulthood. Their enslavement traps generations in a cycle of slavery and poverty.


5Companies and businesses have a role to play.

Businesses have a role to play to end child labour. Their leaders must advocate for decent work and minimum school-leaving age legislation, support education and women’s empowerment projects, and promote child poverty eradication initiatives.
Young people like you can stand up for these children. Use your voice to ensure that the brands you buy from do not employ children in their factories. Ensure the chocolate you eat is not cocoa harvested by children. Together, let’s say #NOchildlabour
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Bunny Wira

champion for children, hero in disguise. I love kangkung!
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