Bestie to bestie: Tips balik kampus!

Ni la tips-tips untuk keselamatan bila masuk dalam kelas dan jumpa kawan-kawan ya

Time to go back to class and see your friends again! Sambil tengah prepare barang-barang untuk start kelas balik, jom baca tips balik ke kampus ni! ☝😲

Back to School

Now that some of us are back in school, boleh duduk rapat-rapat ke? Kalau taknak pakai mask dalam kelas boleh ke? Kalau tak lengkap 2 dos boleh tak nak gi lepak kat Mamak ngan kawan-kawan?”

Eh jangan gituuu, COVID-19 is still with us cumanya sekarang the SOP is loosening up. So make sure that you follow tips balik kampus ni tau! Let’s all do our part in saving our loved ones from COVID-19 infection. You and your friends can make a difference, jom ajak geng-geng korang ikuti 7 tips balik kampus ni bila kelas dah start nanti.

1. Maintain physical distancing!

Omg sure tak sabar dapat jumpa kawan-kawan semula, kan? Tapi jangan sampai korang lupa pulak nak maintain physical distancing ek.

A man saying Dont touch me.

According to the School Reopening Guidelines by MOE, students are monitored to maintain safe distancing at all times. The desks are rearranged to maximise the space between students. Jangan korang pergi rapatkan pulak desks tu nanti. Jangan pandang remeh, 1 meter of distance can make a huge difference tau. Pastu bila dah habis kelas, avoid socializing and gathering in big groups. Lepaking ramai-ramai can easily transmit the virus from one person to another.

2. Mask on, never mask off

Remember eh bestie, your life is not the MV to Future’s Mask Off. Always have your mask on at all times.

People with COVID-19 who never develop symptoms (asymptomatic) and those who are not yet showing symptoms (pre-symptomatic) masih boleh spread the virus tau. Seram kan? That’s why la kita kena selalu pakai mask.

Wearing a mask helps contain any potentially infectious respiratory droplets that may be released while breathing, talking or coughing. As an extra precautionary step, korang boleh try double masking or equip a 4 layer mask. Kalau korang still tak sure, check out  WHO’S guidance for wearing masks.

3. Sharing is NOT caring

Dah lama tak jumpa geng-geng ni banyak la benda nak sharenya, latest teas, dramas and gossip. While you’re at it, jangan share barang-barang uolls pulak! Kalau kawan mintak pinjam barang, jawab kat dia mak tak kasi.

A monkey is trying to steal food from another monkey.

Although surface transmission isn’t the main way the virus spreads, we should still be cautious and wary about sharing our personal items. It’s better to be safe than sorry, kan? Remember to BYO (bring your own) Safety Kit to school. Your kit should contain these 3 essential items; tissue, hand sanitizer and face masks. They should come in handy bila korang batuk, bersin or terpegang barang-barang yang kotor.

4. Keep your hands clean

“Haaachoo!!” Haaa, dah bersin tu jangan lupa basuh tangan dan guna hand sanitizer!

Sponge Bob washing his hands.

COVID-19 transmissions are easily spread through direct, indirect, (through contaminated objects or surfaces), or close contact with infected people via mouth and nose secretions. Kalau nak berhenti sebar kuman degil ni, kena pastikan your hands are always clean.

Bukan masa bersin je tau, remember to regularly wash your hands after using the toilet, coughing and before eating. In general, maintaining good hand hygiene is able to reduce respiratory illnesses, like colds, by 16-21%.

5. Clean & Disinfect

The COVID-19 can persist on plastic and stainless steel for days. Always remember to decontaminate your items especially your clothes, pencil case, lunch box.

Disinfecting removes any remaining germs on surfaces, which further reduces any risk of spreading infection. World Health Organization (WHO) pun dah confirmkan yang virus ni boleh merebak melalui permukaan yang tercemar, dikenali sebagai fomites.

“Alaa lecehnya nak kena disinfect banyak kali!”  Rilek geng, benda simple jangan buat kalut. Cleaning high touch surfaces and shared objects once a day is usually enough to sufficiently remove viruses that may be on surfaces in case someone with confirmed or suspected COVID-19 has been in your school.

6. Transportation precautions

Bila guna public transportation to go to school, make sure that you are up to date with the guidelines before getting on board.

Macam biasa, facial masks and body temperature checks  are the basic requirements. Even though takde social distancing markers anymore on some transport, korang advised to reduce interactions OK. Jangan pulak nak ‘spill the tea’ and chat dalam bas pulak ye.

When using rail transports, practice paying for your ticket using smart cards instead of buying Journey Token. And 2 key things to avoid dalam train nanti: Avoid touching the train handles and if the carriage is crowded, try waiting for the next train to come. Jangan overcrowd macam tin sardin, bahaya tu!

7. Stay home if sick

Students who have symptoms of infectious illness should stay home and get themselves tested. Benda simple je, if you feel sick, don’t go to class!

Staying home when you are sick is essential to keep COVID-19 infections out of schools and prevent spread to others. Kita pun dah sediakan tips kalau you rasa sakit dan kena stay kat rumah!

In addition, getting tested for COVID-19 when symptoms are compatible with COVID-19 will help with rapid contact tracing and prevent possible spread on school grounds. Korang boleh buat regular COVID-19 tests at home with the Rapid Self-Test Kit pun tau!

According to WHO, vaccines are proving effective against existing variants, especially at preventing severe disease, hospitalization and death. The vaccines are effective at preventing most infections but just like other vaccines, they are not 100% effective. So, ingat yaa, kita still kena berhati-hati bila dalam kelas k? Don’t let history repeat itself, kang tak pasal-pasal satu sekolah kena tutup semula. 😞

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Good luck for your new semester and make sure to follow these tips! Encourage your friends to practice tips balik kampus by sharing it to group chat besties korang!

For more info on the FASAs and its SOPs, check out the below:

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