The Young Changemakers

Every culture has a child hero and fairy tales that tell of children who have made a difference in their worlds.

The Young Changemakers is a celebration of children who are making a difference in their communities. The Tunku Bainun Young Changemakers Awards recognises these creative, brave and resilient children. We hope their stories will inspire other children to believe in their ability to change the world.



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Change starts with YOUth

The best way to have an impact on your world is to make change at your local level


Get the facts and
learn about the
cause(s) you’re most
inspired about.

Speak out

and responsibly
to create a better
world for all.


with local NGOs
to improve the
lives of people in
your community.


beliefs, attitudes and
behaviours – yours and
others – to improve lives.


Use your creativity and passion
to create and innovate to
transform people’s lives.

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