Youth Speak

Photos, drawings and videos from youth in Malaysia

  • Progress & Development
    ... but are some children being left behind?
  • The Essence of Being Buddhist
    Give me peace, quietude and englightenment
  • Keeping Safe Online
    It's all of our responsibility
  • Let me learn
    Why am I not in school?
  • My emotions
    I can feel happy, I can feel sad too …
  • Kasih Sayang
    Masih ada yang sayang
  • Happy Children
    Play and be happy ...
  • Girls
    ... we're awesome too!
  • Happiness
    Giving thanks before school ...
  • Happy Birthday!
    Birthdays are our right!
  • We Must Cooperate
    … to avoid misunderstandings!
  • A Leap of Freedom
    Play and be happy ...
  • Don't worry
    I’m looking out for you …
  • Just Make It Stop
    Please, please ....
  • Peace ...
    is our right!
  • Colours of My World
    What a wonderful world.
  • Stride to Succeed
    Let us shine.
  • Stop Bullying
    Stop bullying because words hurt
  • Kids and Nature
    we're explorers at heart!
  • Dragonflies and Butterflies ...
    where have you gone ...
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